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Site Features

Features include:

  - user signup/registration
  - user management
  - ability to lock site with password-mode and define who gets access
  - ability to disable new user registrations
  + ability to communicate with external API (C++/C#/Java)
    - allows external products to have a server-sided check for users
    - users can still be managed on the website to have access to products
    - randomized seed, md5, and other forms of encryption applied

Full text-document style features
  - Easy ability to add italics, bold, underline, set typical right-left justification, and more
  - Add number/dot lists, indentation, hyperlinks, and paragraph markers.
  - Easily add new headers which can link to internal sub-headers
  - Display images that were uploaded directly through the interface (IMAGES)
  - Create links to public files that were uploaded through the interface (DOWNLOADS)
  - Display full java, PHP, and HTML scripts on each header.

Internal Uploading System
   - Upload images (IMAGES), public files (DOWNLOADS) or even internal inaccessible    files (IDOWNLOADS) through the administrator interface for general usage.
   - Images can be selected by drop-down menu for posting and are public files.

Contact Form and Script Integration
- Admin emails can receive instant notifications if anyone posts an inquiry on the form.
   - Scripts can be fully displayed or integrated to the site either via iframe or dragging.
   - List files from directories and define who gets access.

And more! This site is mostly for API or show-case purposes.

Use Sitemap for quick-referencing of all sections.